Fly Out Project
 Hello Sufferers and Survivors,

  My name is Frank I am a 42 year old male survivor of childhood torture. I was brutally beaten and raped on a daily basis by my mothers boyfriend who also tortured her and my two sisters. I was tied up like a dog in the basement and garage burned in my private area with hot welding rods, shocked with a home made device he made from a car battery. Tied up naked from the rafters in the garage and whipped with a fan belt from a car until my skin was bleeding. I was forced to watch him brutally beat and rape my mother and two sisters. If I would turn away or scream I was next. This animal would beat us over the head with flashlights,sticks, and anything he could find, even if we smacked our food while eating to loud. This went on for 7 years. I know it is not easy to escape, but it can be done. You are not alone and there is a way. I lived through it and finally my mother God rest her soul, found the courage to fly out of this cocoon and fly free, fly safe, and fly strong. I want to be able to travel to different states and cities and speak to children, women, and men at shelters Domestic Violence Events, boys and girls clubs ,and other gatherings.
   I have dedicated the rest of my life to help this pain and let you know the beauty you hold inside is worth sharing to the rest of the world. Please allow me to try and help, lets take action. I came up with my own logo just like the butterfly, my mother broke us out of the cocoon. It is put on these T-Shirts and other items so that you can spread the word. Fly Out, Fly Free, Fly Safe, Fly Strong, and "REFUSE TO ABUSE". Let's make this just as important as the pink ribbon. It can be done if we all come together and break the silence, lets take a stand.  A percentage " $7.00 " of each item will be given to Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault agencies through out the country. If you live in California, Chicago, etc. your donation will benefit that state. The other " $3.00 " will go towards operational costs. I'm starting a million T-Shirt Project to help end this epidemic " ABUSE " . Please donate $25.00 and receive a T-Shirt or any other item that you may choose to spread the message across the world. If you would like me to speak in your state or city please contact my promotion manager Daniel Brier at . or message me at

                               Thank you and may God bless you all,
                                                                Frank Zalka


This is my story

This group is dedicated to positive discussion, comments, suggestions about my journey across the United States to help save women and children from a life of abuse. I am traveling state to state to help women and children live a life free of violence. I will be speaking at schools and other public events as well as various shelters, and their functions. I want to show and tell victims that they can break the silence, free themselves from the cocoon and fly out, fly free, fly safe, and fly strong. This is about raising awareness for domestic Violence Sexual Assault and child abuse. As a survivor of child abuse, I want every victim to know that there is help available and that someone believes in them. Frank Z.

              A non-profit organization