Fly Out Project
 Fly Out, Fly Free, Fly Safe, and Fly Strong
My name is Frank,

  I'm starting a Global Movement that is spreading the word on stopping abuse against women, children, and men. We cannot keep this epidemic ( D.V.), " a dirty little secret " any longer. Domestic Violence kills four people ( on the average ) every day. The excuse of not getting involved " its none of my business" gives abusers free reign to terrorize, maim, and injure.

  There is a cure ! WE all have a choice ! Lets use our voice ! I was tortured as a child. I witnessed my Mother,two sisters and several friends go through HELL ! I've had friends killed due to Domestic Violence. It's time to take action !

  Whether it is you or someone you know and love, that is suffering from Domestic Violence, my hope is that by wearing the " Purple Butterfly " and sharing the message that you will gain the courage and empowerment needed to leave the dangerous and very life threatening situation and finally live a life free of fear and destruction. I encourage you to take the steps in recognizing the beauty and gifts you have to offer this world. It is time !

  Please join me in a million Awareness T-Shirt campaign. Make a powerful statement. Abuse is WRONG and you won't stand for it any longer ! Help me achieve this goal by wearing a shirt and giving the world a million reasons to STOP this horrible act " ABUSE "

  I would love the opportunity to bring the message to your community. With your donation of $25.00 you will receive a Awareness T-Shirt or any other item that you may choose. A percentage  " $3.00 " will be used towards operational costs "help end abuse and help me promote healthy relationships". It will aid in financing my efforts to travel across the country to speak at schools, Domestic Violence events, various shelters and other gatherings.

  A percentage  " $7.00 " will be given to local Domestic Violence & Abuse Centers. I hope you will wear this shirt and help me, and all involved, spread the word.

     Thank you and may God bless you and be with you with everything you do !
                                                                                                                                 Frank Z.
To make a donation and receive a  T-Shirt or any other item
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This group is dedicated to positive discussion, comments, suggestions about my journey across the United States to help save women and children from a life of abuse. I am traveling state to state to help women and children live a life free of violence. I will be speaking at schools and other public events as well as various shelters, and their functions. I want to show and tell victims that they can break the silence, free themselves from the cocoon and fly out, fly free, fly safe, and fly strong. This is about raising awareness for domestic and child abuse. As a survivor of child abuse, I want every victim to know that there is help available and that someone believes in them.  Frank Z.

A non-profit organization